Intellectual Property Rights

In a highly competitive world where resources are limited, it is the intellect/knowledge of the human mind that puts resources into its optimum use.


A world is created where knowledge is power and thus needs protection or encouragement to the creator of the knowledge in order to put limited resources into unlimited use. The intellectual property rights are essentially recognized and accepted all over the world due to some very important reasons. Some of the reasons for accepting these rights are :

  • To provide an incentive to the individual/companies for new creations.
  • Providing due recognition to the creators and inventors.
  • Ensuring material reward for intellectual property.
  • Ensuring the availability of genuine and original products

We all contact IP in one form or another every day at work or at home when we use our computers or access the internet or listen to music or watch TV programs 'n' a number of times. This signifies the importance of IP in our day to day life as well as in designing a better future for ourselves.

Further to this Wealth in intangible form is an asset but needs to be converted into a source of revenue; something similar to one has lots of cash in the cupboard but do not have the key, so we are the key. We act as an interface or business facilitator between R&D and the Corporate world to commercialize/develop business for our patent protected research product.

Intellectual property (IP) is an outcome of the human intellect in the form of design, literature, art, inventions, names, images, symbols, etc. Intellectual property rights are a recognized topic in the pharmaceutical world today. Intellectual property is a term that encompasses a wide variety of different types of creations. IP is legally protected, hence giving the deserved recognition to the people for their work. IP is a pillar of the modern economy and a driver of innovation and creativity. Patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets are the four most common types of intellectual property. VMRC's intellectual property rights division specializes in preparing & prosecuting required patent/copyright/trademark applications, appeals, re-examinations, interferences, oppositions, & co-operating with the legal team for IP-related litigation matters.

IPR division specializes in strategic patent portfolio planning and management, infringement, validity and clearance investigations, opinions and all phases of intellectual property prosecution practice. This includes the preparation and prosecution of patent/ trademark and copyright applications, appeals, re-examinations, interferences, and oppositions. IPR division cooperates with and advises legal regarding intellectual property litigation matters.







Dr. Kuntal Ganguly
Mukesh Kumar

Lead | Intellectual Property Rights

Dr. Kuntal Ganguly

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